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Pauline Kamiri

Increased structural support to boost landlocked developing countries economies

Landlocked Developing Countries, currently experiencing economic and infrastructural challenges, need increased technical and financial support to achieve sustainable development, leaders have called during the High-level Africa regional review meeting of the Vienna Programme of Action (VPoA) for Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDCs) which opened in the Botswana Capital, Gaborone. In a...

Pauline Kamiri

Is Africa's digital economy a panacea to its debt distress?

In recent years debt distress in African countries has been accelerated due to the impact of COVID-19 and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. With public debt and inflation reaching levels not seen in decades, many countries across the continent are reporting double-digit inflation which has eroded household purchasing power and...

Pauline Kamiri

Why Sudan's unrest matters to Juba

A little over a month ago, fighting and chaos erupted in Sudan between the forces of two rival generals, killing hundreds of people and pushing over 850,000 people from their homes, igniting a humanitarian crisis and raising fears of a prolonged and unpredictable future for people in the region....

Pauline Kamiri

Africa in urgent need of concessional financing, experts urge.

For Africa  to build resilience and boost economic growth amidst the ongoing triple planetary crisis, there is an urgent need for individual countries to get highly concessional financing facilities in place to address the huge financing need that countries have which has pushed them into debt experts have warned. During...

Maggie Mutesi

Support women-led climate change enterprises, experts urge governments

Africa should brace for climate refugees in the coming years-majority of who will be women, if governments and private sector don’t prioritize investment in sound climate change mitigation models, experts have warned. During a recent fire side chat on climate change organized by AfriCatalyst in Dakar Senegal, participants discussed...

Pauline Kamiri

Legislation, adoption of new media to foster travel industry recovery.

The travel and tourism industry was one of the sectors most hard hit by COVID-19 and it’s recovery has been slow paced as the countries reopened their borders and governments lifted the travel restrictions. Between January and July this year the number of international travelers reached 57% of the...

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