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Maggie Mutesi

Kenyan manufacturers unveil plan to boost commercial forestry

Kenyan manufactures have unveiled a strategy to sustainably expand forestry businesses in the country. The Forestry Business Sustainable Action Plan sheds light on interdependences of the forestry industry and other economic sectors for the country’s socioeconomic development, while preserving ecosystems. Speaking at the launch, Kenya Forest Service (KFS) Chairman...

Maggie Mutesi

Why Eritrea is turning to cactus

Decades of isolation and authoritarian rule have strangled Eritrea’s economic progress, and now the government is encouraging large-scale cultivation of cactus to help alleviate the human suffering and, in the future, increase export revenues. Cactus is believed to have originated from Central America. Spanish conquerors acknowledged the presence of...

Maggie Mutesi

Ivory Coast decries backlog in cocoa sale

Ivory Coast’s government is warning that a large backlog of unsold cocoa could result in a 10% slump in guaranteed price for the 2020/21 mid-crop and further hurt the country’s economy that is battling the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and a tense post-election period. The...

Maggie Mutesi

South Africa announces $66 million relief program for subsistence farmers

South Africa’s government has announced a $66 million relief program for subsistence farmers, as it aims to revive the struggling agriculture industry hurt by COVID-19 pandemic disruptions. Agriculture, Land Reform & Rural Development Minister Thoko Didiza told reporters on Monday the program will provide successful applicants with as much as...

Maggie Mutesi

Ivory Coast and Ghana pull out of U.S. cocoa trade body

Ivory Coast and Ghana – the world’s top two cocoa producers –  have withdrawn their membership of a U.S. cocoa industry association, accusing the body of aiding U.S. chocolate companies avoid paying a cocoa premium aimed at tackling farmer poverty. A document signed by both nations cocoa regulators indicates...

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