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Maggie Mutesi

A New World for African Creatives

Africa’s creative industry is currently steeped in uncertainty. The creative world and artists, whose work thrives on human interaction, have taken a serious hit from the current global health crisis and pandemic. Of course, any crisis carries hidden opportunities, and this is no exception. But time and patience are...

Maggie Mutesi

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Gig Economy

The rapid advancement of technology and internet penetration has seen regular independent contract work evolve to produce some of the biggest technology companies of our era, making up what is known as the gig economy. The gig economy is described as a free and global market system where organisations and...

Maggie Mutesi

How COVID-19 is Testing Times for Sino-Afro Relations

The Great Lockdown will go down in history as an economic depression only comparable to that of the Great Depression, except this time no economists or market commentators saw it coming. Unlike the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis where bells were rung, such as the University of Chicago’s Raghuram Rajan’...

Maggie Mutesi

COVID-19 Leaves Sports Benched Across the Continent

In Rwanda, at the onset of the pandemic, the empty Kigali Arena stood as a symbol of the country’s abrupt slide from normalcy. President Paul Kagame cut the ribbon to mark the opening of the monumental 10,000 seat arena in August of 2019. “This arena is not just...

Maggie Mutesi

Senegal: Africa’s Shining Star

In the olden days, it was the young men that went out searching for opportunity. They set sail; took to the air, or traversed lands to find places their forefathers could neither set foot nor fort upon. Whether this was in perfect form or not, the two things that are...

Maggie Mutesi

An interview with Basketball League Africa's Amadou Gallo Fall

Amadou Gallo Fall graduated magna cum laude from the University of the District of Columbia. While at the university he played centre on the basketball team. After finishing his degree, Fall thrived on other merits such as excellent interpersonal skills to secure his place at the NBA as an administrator....

Maggie Mutesi

African Tourism Sector Set to Take Years of Recovery

If you type Africa in Google Image search, the results will show you silhouetted figures of two giraffes or perhaps an elephant set against a crimson sunset across the savanna: a tired, quintessential Western stereotype that has been misused to sum up the continent’s vast and diverse terrains. For...

Maggie Mutesi

Reviving Africa’s Aviation Post-Pandemic

Life across the continent has fundamentally changed, possibly for a very long time. In this brand-new world a trip to the grocery store, once so harmless and carefree, now elicits paranoia and distrust. Touching or being too close to someone has become unthinkable. With COVID-19 lurking everywhere, we are keeping...

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