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Maggie Mutesi

Is South Africa's Lockdown working?

The longer South Africa’s lockdown continues the more I’m reminded of the 1982 Holocaust film, Sophie’s Choice. Starring the impeccable Meryl Streep who won the Oscar for her portrayal of a woman forced by Nazis to make an impossible choice of deciding which one of her two...

Maggie Mutesi

A majority of South Africans fear hunger more than the virus

South Africa’s lockdown moves into unchartered waters this week, from today around 1.5 million workers will return to work as government gradually begins re-open the economy in what it calls a risk adjusted strategy. The strategy will see various sectors of the economy being opened incrementally to prevent...

Maggie Mutesi

East Africa’s Oil Industry: A New Story in the Making

The moving forward of the Lake Albert Development Project, and its export pipeline, is a major step forward de-risking other potential oil & gas projects in East Africa The recent acquisition by Total of Tullow Oil’s entire interests in the Lake Albert Development Project in Uganda, including the East African...

Maggie Mutesi

Covid-19 highlights South Africa's inequality

It has been over a week since South Africa went into a 21-day lockdown to fight the spread of the deadly Coronavirus and the divide between the haves and the have nots could not be more clear. To curb the disease, health officials advocate social distancing, frequent hand washing and...

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