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Pauline Kamiri

The artisanal voice, a look back and a look forward

Life might not be the same for families whose relatives are among the 8 miners trapped for over a month now, in Burkina Faso’s sole zinc mine. The miners who are stranded more than 700m underground following flash floods at the mine, are betting on the government’s response...

Maggie Mutesi

E-mobility policy to steer Ghana towards a sustainable transport system

Ghana is developing a policy to guide the scale up in production of Electric Vehicles. The policy dubbed E-Mobility when finalized is expected to guide in Ghana’s quest to have an environmentally friendly and sustainable transport system . This was made known by Ghana’s minister of Transport, Kwaku Ofori...

Pauline Kamiri

Moving towards green economies; where are we?

Not a day goes by without coming across stories on the impact climate change has on Africa and the globe, or catchphrases like climate action, green jobs, green economy, which have been trending social media platforms. While countries in Africa continue to recover from the ripple effects of the  COVID-19...

Maggie Mutesi

Nigeria to become an African hub for transshipment

Nigeria’s first deep sea port is set to open in the commercial capital of Lagos in September. The Lekki deep sea port has reached 89% completion and is set to transform Nigeria  into an African hub for transshipment upon completion. “With this port, Nigeria will become a transshipment hub,...

Maggie Mutesi

Nigeria to become highest Cocoa producer in West Africa-CFAN.

Cocoa farmers in Nigeria under the umbrella of Cocoa Farmers Association of Nigeria (CFAN), have vowed to increase the country’s cocoa production from the present 340,000MT to 500,000MT by 2024. In conjunction with other value chain stakeholders CFAN says it is committed to increase and build a...

Pauline Kamiri

The economic power of African cities.

Africa boasts of bustling cities that contribute to the global economy, where billions of dollars are made each year, from Nairobi Safari tours in Kenya to the huge tech hubs in Lagos, Nigeria.  I have lived in Nairobi, otherwise known as the green city in the sun and for the...

Maggie Mutesi

Africa- Vietnam trade ties yet to reach full potential

Trade relationship between Vietnam and Africa is yet to achieve its full potential in spite of its significant growth in recent years especially in the fashion industry. This is according to Le Hoang Tai, deputy director of the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (Vietrade). “Many African businesses and consumers are not...

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