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Pauline Kamiri

Are Hybrid seedlings an alternative for Africa's food security?

Not so long ago, different countries in Africa were well known for their vast food diversity but that has changed over the years. Back then, I remember in my 6th grade we used to study about, Zambia being among the largest producer of maize in the continent. However as of...

Pauline Kamiri

Digital transformation of customs and borders to improve Intra-Africa Trade

The digital transformation of customs and borders in Africa could improve efficiencies in processes. Better administration at customs and borders could yield trade gains on the continent of $20 billion a year.  This is according to a new report by the World Economic Forum dubbed Growing Intra-Africa Trade through Digital...

Pauline Kamiri

Can Africa diversify it's trade through AfCFTA?

Africa can have a piece of global trade through AFCFTA integration. Through the integration AFCFTA the continent can diversify in its trade and cut down the dependency of the East and West that is currently affecting the continent negatively. This is according to UNCTAD Secretary General Rebeca Grynspan. “The African...

Maggie Mutesi

Ethiopia closer to establishing its security exchange

Ethiopia seems to be on the final lap in the creation its securities exchange after its initial finalization announcements in 2020. The Ministry of Finance of Ethiopia, the new state enterprise Ethiopian Investment Holdings (EIH), and FSD Africa signed a cooperation agreement to establish the Ethiopia stock exchange(ESX). Fifty...

Maggie Mutesi

Why Ghana is launching Africa’s first social bonds

Plans are underway for Ghana to launch social bonds, a first in Africa, capitalizing on an instrument that has boomed since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The government plans to borrow up to $5 billion on international markets this year, and use the proceeds from these sustainable bonds to forge ahead...

Maggie Mutesi

Sudan’s government cuts petrol and diesel prices

Sudan’s acting energy and mining minister Khairy Abdel Rahman has announced a cut in pump prices for petrol and diesel for consumers. The transitional government, that came into power after the ouster of long time autocrat former President Omar Bashir in 2019, has been phasing out fuel subsidies to...

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