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Maggie Mutesi

Is Tanzania headed towards a debt crisis?

Tanzania will borrow at least $2.34 billion from foreign lenders to finance its proposed 2022/2023 budget of $17.1 billion, a plan that risks sliding the East African nation into the red zone of countries with a heavy burden of public debt. According to Finance Minster Mwigulu Nchemba,...

Maggie Mutesi

The price of Ethiopia's civil war

For one year, Ethiopia has been at war with itself. What started as a “police operation” has turned into a full blown humanitarian crisis that risks disintegrating an already divided country and overturning economic gains accrued over the last two decades. Unlike many wars, the chronology of the Ethiopian civil...

Maggie Mutesi

COP26: Why Africa is getting the short end of the stick

Walking through Glasgow you’d be forgiven for thinking the pandemic is over. Motorcades carrying world leaders are bustling for space as armed bodyguards wrestle to showcase their individual and state prowess in Scotland’s capital. The port resembles a classy exhibition showcasing the most luxurious yachts the world has...

Maggie Mutesi

Explained: What is happening in South Africa?

A new wave of violence has erupted in South Africa with the government deploying military troops to restore calm and order. At least 6 people have died. The disturbances have intensified as former President Jacob Zuma began a legal challenge to his 15-month prison term sentence in the country’s...

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