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Maggie Mutesi

Tech hubs are booming in Africa despite Covid pressures

Over the last decade, tech entrepreneurship has continued to represent a major source of growth and development across the world and has become very vital for Africa. Hundreds of tech hubs have emerged across the African continent and risen to become the most active players in the technology scene. They...

Maggie Mutesi

China's vaccine diplomacy in Africa

Over the last decade, China has outgunned Western powers in cementing its ties with the continent, and now it is winning the COVID-19 vaccine diplomacy war. Vaccine diplomacy is a relatively new term that has entered our lexicon primarily due to the pandemic that began in Wuhan, China. It employs...

Maggie Mutesi

The price of Ethiopia's civil war

For one year, Ethiopia has been at war with itself. What started as a “police operation” has turned into a full blown humanitarian crisis that risks disintegrating an already divided country and overturning economic gains accrued over the last two decades. Unlike many wars, the chronology of the Ethiopian civil...

Maggie Mutesi

What happened to Nigeria's green bonds?

They were launched with plenty of fan fare. Climate activists praised it. Economists salivated at their potential returns. And government leaders lauded it as a firm step to rid Africa’s largest country off its dalliance with fossil fuels. Four years later, the praises have dried up and discontent is...

Maggie Mutesi

COP26: Why Africa is getting the short end of the stick

Walking through Glasgow you’d be forgiven for thinking the pandemic is over. Motorcades carrying world leaders are bustling for space as armed bodyguards wrestle to showcase their individual and state prowess in Scotland’s capital. The port resembles a classy exhibition showcasing the most luxurious yachts the world has...

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